Beginner Pack

Get started here if you are new to earning bitcoin with free faucet sites. You will need to complete initial steps before you start to join faucet sites. All require a bitcoin address. Some require email verification to receive earnings. The key to earning big is organization. Get to know various faucet site designs and layouts. Select your preferred theme or design, if you want to narrow your list down if you have limited resources to collect.


Before you start signing up with anything, it is VITAL that you understand how websites work and how to be secure online. You will be entering web forms and reading websites for information. ALWAYS read each website you visit from top to bottom before joining. Once you are inside, go through each menu item and explore. Get Two Factor Authentication from your Smartphone app store.


You must have a bitcoin wallet to collect bitcoins. NEVER try to type bitcoin addresses. Copy paste or use code scan to work with long and complicated cryptocurrency addresses. Use online applications to do your transfers for best accuracy and trust.

Join Top Quality Sites

Most require solving a captcha to claim your bitcoin. You will also have to whitelist these sites to permit ads. Advertising is where faucet owners get their income so you need to permit ads. Most sites include bitcoin information at the bottom of the page. Scroll down, read and learn.

Other Currencies

These faucet sites offer currencies other than bitcoin. Join to learn about other currencies. Later as you become more experienced with this, you can choose to focus on these currencies. Otherwise they may take up time better spent focused on bitcoin (BTC). Today alt currencies are an excellent way to start if bitcoin is out of reach for you. You get chances to start again many times over. Go and grab it!