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Collect More Coins

EasyFaucet is a dashboard service that makes collecting cryptocurrency coins from online faucet sites much easier with your computer or mobile device. The key to earning big with bitcoin faucets is to join as many as you can manage. EasyFaucet assembles the best quality faucet sites to minimize waste of your time.

Got spare time waiting for bus, plain or train? Earn while you wait!

Each faucet differs by how it loads next faucet claim or how large the page is to load. Some faucet sites require reloading to activate coin collection ready state or just to see how much time is left for next collection. With the press of a button your faucet site is reset or reloaded within an iframe.

Quality Service

Faucet sites out there vary in design and performance quality. Some are generous in coin distribution while others seem to run out and are not replenished. Faucets here are pre-selected for quality and the ability to load without problems into faucet dashboard iframes. Some otherwise good faucets produce exit pops or don't work with iframes very well. Those are clearly marked as opening into external pages.

Malware sites or poor design practice sites are not permitted here as they stop browsing and cost you collection time.

Not A Membershp Site

This is a dashboard service that does not collect your personal information. Cryptocurrency is about financial privacy and security. Learn to resist filling out every web form you see just to be in a list.

Learn to make your own lists of your favorite programs using a spreadsheet or your own website. Make a list of each site you join, including referral links, bitcoin address and other details.

Use the social buttons to connect others online. Don't forget to publicize your big faucet wins with #bitcoin hashtag included. You are likely to get likes, follows and retweets.


  • Beginner Pack
  • If you are new to bitcoin faucets, start here. Easiest and most fun faucets and needed services are here.
  • Mini Pack
  • Go here if you are on mobile device or other limited connection device or service.
  • Hourly Pack
  • All faucets are one hour. If you have more than one computer, set this up on one computer while you work other packs.
  • Mega Pack
  • This is the largest pack for those on a super power computer with highest connection speeds. For experienced, professonal faucet collectors who do this daily.

Highly Recommended

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Cryptocurrency Education

If you are ready to learn about bitcoin, start by choosing free or paid methods. Choose to explore by joining faucet sites. Scroll down and read. Or purchase guides recommended here. Learn to trade crytocurrencies you earn.

Cryptocurrency is a new system of earning and money management. It's an option if your current method is not working for you or you just want to try something new. A faucet is a website where the owner gives away generated ad money to active members. The worth of a website is measured by the level of traffic it gets and the quality of the site.

Private Bitcoin And Digital Trading Community

Private Bitcoin And Digital Currency Trading Community

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This is a membership free site. You will not be asked for your information. EasyFaucet is a service to you the bitcoin fan. All investment programs are tested before they are promoted here.