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Sponsor my page with your 0.01 BTC donation and place your ad which can be text or banner with other recommended sites. Include a review of your site if you want. Ad placement is permanent until you want it down or site no longer loads. Ad size is 250 x 250 at top with other square ads and any size at bottom.

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Today's the day that you discover what perhaps you have been missing out for the past 4 years. There are scripts that run types of membership websites called "bitcoin faucets" and "bitcoin miners". Take time to learn about cryptocurrency before you invest or join any site.


There appears to be a lack of understanding how online earning works. It may be that you are continually bombarded with pay to start affiliate programs so you are left to believe that this is normal. MOST websites, however, are free to join and use. Think about Google and Facebook and how much you can do at no cost. Have you ever used Google Maps, Google Earth or Blogger? Facebook and Google charge for premium ad services which is where they make money.


Some sites have free entry and upgrade options if it works like MailChimp. Learn the word "freemium". Mobile app owners might put ads on their apps rather than charge for downloads. You can join and start selling products and services with Amazon, Cafepress, Shareasale, Linkshare, CommissionJunction and eBay with no start up costs other than Internet access and perhaps computer purchase/upgrade. You WILL have to invest in advertising and perhaps technical expertise to get over some hurtles and get you up to income that replaces your job. Use whatever earnings you get to pay for your home business upgrades. That includes getting expert training and guidance to get you to the next level.


It's vital that you understand that to a website owner, web traffic is cash. When you visit and are active with a site, you give it value. It brings even more money to a site from ad revenue. This page is getting ad revenue because you visit and the ads load for you to view. A website is like a piece of property. If you take care of it, it grows and makes the owner rich. Bitcoin faucet owners believe in giving back to active members what they normally take in website profits. (And yes, a well designed and run website makes excellent profits.)