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Sponsor my page with your 0.01 BTC donation and place your ad which can be text or banner with other recommended sites. Include a review of your site if you want. Ad placement is permanent until you want it down or site no longer loads. Ad size is 250 x 250 at top with other square ads and any size at bottom.

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Rewards Sites - No Investment

  • DigitalArtists

    Fun site with 6 earning sites in network. Currently pays only to Coinbase via email address. Each site has real, engaging content rather than pasted up with ads or duplicated bitcoin information content as with many bitcoin faucet sites. You can read a book, play a game, watch/upload videos, read bitcoin news, view bitcoin stats or even get weight loss advice while earning rewards every 10 minutes.
  • moonbitcoin

    Moonbitcoin is a continuous earning type site that runs bitcoin earning script 24/7. All you have to do is claim your reward and then wait 5 minutes. You can set a bell to ring when you can claim again. If you have Xapo and use Xapo email address to login, your claim goes straight Xapo. Otherwise it goes to your account balance. It looks like slow earnings at first but keep claiming every chance you get and you will earn more.
  • moonlitecoin

    Moonlitecoin gives away litecoin currency. You can use your Coinbase litecoin address or sign up with Block.io. A litecoin address starts with "L". Other currencies are rising along with bitcoin. This is your chance to get a new start by grabbing your share of litecoin.
  • Field Bitcoins

    Field Coins is just like Moonbitcoin. The earning rate is less than Moonbitcoin, but work it actively to earn your bonus rewards.
  • freebitco.in

    Freebitcoin is a must-have for all who crave bitcoin earning sites. This one gives out rewards every hour. Rewards are given as prizes won in a random draw. Most bitcoin faucet randomly draw rewards to claim from a huge pot of already funded account. Higher value rewards are fun to win. The more you play, the better chance you will win a large prize. Freebitcoin also has a lottery and earnings multiplier game. Take care with the multiplier game. It is best played when you have a high balance to work with. Payouts are done by mass payment on Sunday if you have it set to auto pay. Keep it in your account to earn interest.
  • BonusBitcoin

    BonusBitcoin is a bitcoin faucet that survived the great suspension of many bitcoin faucets that occurred January 2016. All those ads that generate income for bitcoin faucet owners ended up being a problem with Google Adsense. As a result many sites lost income and earnings. BonusBitcoin opted not to close but continued with a large debt to pay members. Eventually, members who stayed long enough were paid months later as the value of bitcoin increased and the site regained its revenue. With BonusBitcoin, you claim bitcoin rewards every 15 minutes with an easy to find red button, not hidden in a field of ads. Keep claiming often daily and you get bonus rewards.
  • luckbit

    Win BTC every 15 minutes, at least 40 satoshi guaranteed. If you feel lucky, you can win more.
  • Claim BTC

    ClaimBTC a series of easy to use and fun bitcoin faucet earning sites. It is moderately loaded with ads, but the site is well-designed for easy earning. It features a leaderboard to compete with other members. After you click the blue button to claim your bitcoin, scroll down to click the bonus button. You get "potions" which encourage you to keep coming back to earn more bitcoin. Keep Claim BTC in your browser tabs. Claim interval is every 18 minutes. Then go to next site.
  • Take Free Bitcoins

    Take Free Bitcoin is the same script but purple in color. It is moderately loaded with ads, but the site is well-designed for easy earning. It features a leaderboard to compete with other members. After you click the purple button to claim your bitcoin, scroll down to click the bonus button. You get "potions" which encourage you to keep coming back to earn more bitcoin. Keep Take Free Bitcoin in your browser tabs. Claim interval is every 5 minutes. Then go to next site and get more bitcoin or other currency.


    With Bitcoinker you enter your bitcoin address to start your membership and claim. This can be a problem if you prefer to get fresh addresses often. But many early scripts were designed this way. GoogleChrome stores field entries so you can get bitcoin address you entered before. This one has a bitcoin address check so you can see your claim history. Earnings accumulate in a balance which is paid once it reaches a minimum 20K Satoshi payout level. Wallet transfer fees have gone through the roof so admin uses most economical method there is. Most now use regular mass payouts. Claim bitcoin by finding SolveMedia box and typing what you see in the box. Scroll down to find claim button appear after a countdown to allow time to view ads. Claim interval is every 5 minutes.
  • Get Your Bitcoin

    Enter your bitcoin address to start. Claim with reCaptcha puzzle completion. Wait 5 minutes for next claim. There is no live counter on this page. Go to other sites to claim. Come back after 5 minutes and reload page to see if it is ready. Web font may be a bit flat and hard to read, one design issue, but claim is easy to do. It helps to keep a list of all sites you find and join. Some you will find in an ad or a recommended partner site.
  • World Of Bitcoin

    This uses a similar script as Get Your Bitcoin, but with a better web font. There is no live counter on the page, so you have to refresh page after 5 minutes. It uses recaptcha. There is a faucets list to sign up for more or use it as a reminder to visit ones you have.
  • ChronoXCoin

    This one rewards you if you are very active with site. It shows you your satoshi/minute earnings with a meter animated graphic. Page is fairly light with ads and it is easy to find the claim area. Enter your bitcoin addess in the black box with the white arrow to the right. Scroll down to find and click the blue CLAIM button. First solve reCaptcha so you get a green check in box. Then you must click the characters in the right order. I hope you are good with super heroes. Click CLAIM YOUR SATOSHI. If you did this right, you get a green banner at top that tells you what you earned. In 4 minutes you get to claim again. This one withdraws to one of two balance accumulation systems which you will need to set up to withdraw to your wallet. This system helps to reduce wallet transfer costs.
  • xbit.co.in

    XBitcoin is much like Bitcoinker. Enter your bitcoin address to start. Use the same bitcoin address every time. This one uses the anti-bot puzzle where you have to find a list of words on the page. First enter Your Answer in SolveMedia box. Clicked all boxes instructed. A blue button appears. Click it. You might get invalid capthca banner. That means the captcha expired and you have to try again. (I reload page before starting to get a fresh captcha.) If you do this right, a green banner appears and tells you that 45 satoshi has been sent to FaucetSystem. Go to FaucetSystem to check your account by your bitcoin address. It helps to be a member of many FaucetSystem sites to get a big balance to withdraw.